Data protection policy

Notes on the handling of your personal data in the application process

Thank you for your interest in our company and your wish to become a ZEISS employee. We find it important to inform you about the use of your personal data within the scope of the application process.
Please use private email addresses only for your application or inquiries.

Application process
With your registrations, you are making your personal information available to us and consent to us gathering, processing and using this data for your application.
Your data will be gathered and processed exclusively to fill positions within the ZEISS Group. In this matter, the ZEISS company listed in the job ad, or the ZEISS company you addressed your unsolicited application to, is responsible for data collection. You can view and change your saved data until it is forwarded to the responsible ZEISS company. Once your data has been forwarded, it can only be modified via the HR office of the responsible ZEISS company.
If you have agreed to your information being forwarded under Data Release, your profile is activated if it is of interest to other ZEISS companies. This means that your data is available to ZEISS companies connected to the system, stored beyond the legal period of up to 2 years and that they can contact you if necessary. You can rescind your consent at any time effective for the future by sending an email to the contact listed in the job ad. If you enter Unsolicited in the application management system, your information is automatically forwarded to the respective ZEISS company in accordance with your skills.

Data deletion
If we reject your application, we will delete your information no later than two years after informing accordingly, or in accordance with the regulations that exist if a ZEISS company is headquartered in a country with different retention periods.
If your application is accepted, your data will be entered into the HR management process that we run in accordance with legal requirements.

Data security
ZEISS has corporate directives that are valid around the globe to ensure the security and confidentiality of data; furthermore, the data protection regulations in the countries in which a ZEISS company is headquartered also apply. Moreover, every service provider that processes your personal data on behalf of ZEISS undertakes to ensure confidentiality and to apply the same stringent security measures as ZEISS.
Technical support of our application management system is provided by an IT provider in Germany, which we selected and for which the legal data protection requirements also apply.

Job alert
If you configure a job alert, we only save the required information (email address and selection criteria). You can end the job alert at any time. In this case, we will delete your information.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions about data protection. Please address any questions about the application process to
For more information on these subjects, please go to:

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